Overview for early benefit assessments

Diapharm’s AMNOG monitor provides up-to-date analyses of all Federal Joint Committee (G-BA) decisions regarding early benefit assessments.

It is an invaluable tool for decision-makers and managers, particularly those active in the fields of market access, pricing and reimbursement. Learn from the experiences of other market participants! This monthly source of professional assistance is available in German language.

Early benefit assessments in Germany: always up-to-date

Monthly updates plus the latest qualitative and quantitative analyses of G-BA decisions on all dossiers and indications for early benefit assessment, in addition to the ensuing pricing agreements:

  • Overview of backgrounds of G-BA decisions
  • Detailed analysis of all G-BA decisions in a single master table; also classified by subgroup
  • Classification by indication
  • Short assessments and information (“lessons learnt”) on every active ingredient
  • Comparison of dossier with the G-BA decision
  • Analysis of pricing agreements

Learn about the latest decisions and trends early on and obtain valuable information (lessons learnt) that will help you compile your own value dossiers and plan your clinical trials!

Visit the online service now: www.AMNOG-monitor.com

Did you know: Diapharm prepares value dossiers and can, on request, assume responsibility for all steps in the process of early benefit assessment.

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