Audit schedule for on-site GMP audits

Diapharm plans on-site audits of good manufacturing practices (GMP audits) at a wide range of manufacturers of starting materials, excipients and active ingredients.

We provide first class third party GMP audits

Audit schedule for GMP API audit

A sample of API audits we are performing are listed here. Contact us at if you require an on-site GMP audit at one of these suppliers – or if your supplier is not yet on our list!  

Manufacturer Country
Aarti Industries India
ACS Dobfar Italy
Amoli India
Amsa Italy
Apicore India
Aspen Netherlands
Benzochem India
Corden Pharma Italy
Cosma Italy
Covalent India
Derivados Quimicos Spain
Dipharma Italy
DSM Village Neuf & Sisseln France - Switzerland
Erregiere Italy
Evonik Hanau Germany
Evonik Ham France
Excella Germany
FDC India
Finzelberg Germany
Frutarom (Extrakt Chemie) Germany
Fujian Fukang China
Grillo Zinkoxid Germany
Hebei Huarong China
PCAS Limay France
PCAS Turku Finland
Recordati Italy
Salinen Austria
Sandoz Austria
Shandong Xinhua China
Siegfried Zofingen Switzerland
Symbiotec Pharmalab India
Teva Czech Republic
Teva Hungary
Teva (Beer Sheeva, Abic, Netanya) Israel
Unichem Laboratories India
Zhejiang Jiuzhou China


Please note that for reasons of confidentiality not all audits are listed. Further audits are currently in planning.