Food supplement testing and evaluation: borderline issues, quality, health claims

Manufacturers and distributors of food supplements, dietetic foods and foods for special medical purposes shoulder great responsibility. We help healthcare companies minimise risks.

In terms of their dosage forms (capsule, tablet or powder), food supplements are very similar to medicinal products. However, due to their intended purpose and formulations, they are subject to food law – but with a few additional rules. As a result, anyone looking to market such products needs to be aware of a multitude of regulations and laws.

Regulatory issues affecting borderline products

It takes sound knowledge of the legal situation and its real-world interpretation to decide whether a certain ingredient in the quantity used is permitted in a food supplement, dietetic food or food for special medical purposes. When it comes to borderline issues for borderline products (products that straddle the dividing line between guidelines for food, medicinal products and cosmetics), we score with interdisciplinary expertise.

Marketability and health claims

We are there to support manufacturers of food supplements, dietetic foods and foods for special medical purposes with help and advice. We also help our clients navigate the regulatory jungle of ingredients and labelling. Checking marketability is as much a part of this as taking a closer look at product labelling and ensuring the reliability of health claims on packaging and in advertising.

Quality assurance support

In our company laboratory, we analyse food supplements and related products on behalf of our clients to see whether they contain the amount of ingredients declared on the label. At their request, we also audit manufacturing to monitor the quality of production on site.