Food supplement development & support

We help manufacturers develop and ensure the long-term marketability of innovative foods with additional health benefits.

New ideas, strategies and products

We develop targeted portfolio strategies and appropriate product ideas, laying the foundation for our clients’ long-term growth. Our team of food supplement specialists help companies live up to the market’s demands without losing sight of legal conditions.

DiapharmKlick, our regularly updated market overview, is the ideal tool for analysing market trends and gathering ideas for new healthcare products.

Improve and refine formulations

Whether vitamins, minerals or herbal substances, food supplements are a hot trend. At the same time, their formulations, labelling and marketing are strictly regulated for a number of reasons, including consumer protection. We develop formulations for scientifically supported product claims that stand up to the strict guidelines set forth in a number of laws, including the EU’s Health Claims Regulation.

Health claims and clinical trials to support them

We develop permittable health claims for food supplements

The authorities have clearly defined which health claims are permitted for foods: the only ones allowed are those that can be supported by recognised scientific data. The EU Commission has compiled a positive list of scientifically supported health claims in accordance with article 13 of the Health Claims Regulation. Any manufacturer looking to deviate from these generic health claims must provide evidence of its own, such as a clinical trial (study). The same goes for claims on disease risk reduction. Once a health claim has been approved on the basis of proprietary scientific data, the applicant has the exclusive right to use the claim for several years. We plan and manage the clinical trials necessary to receive this sort of approval.

Applications, exceptions and general rulings

Food law in the EU has yet to be harmonised in certain areas. Just because a product is marketable in Spain, the United Kingdom or other countries does not automatically mean that it may be sold in Germany. However, it is possible to apply for exceptions if there are no serious health-protection issues that speak against them. We manage the application process with the Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL) and other agencies on behalf of our clients.