Food supplements: ideas, formulations, health claims

We help manufacturers of food supplements, dietetic foods, foods for special medical purposes and borderline products – i.e., products on the borderline between the product categories food, medical device and medicinal product – with our technical expertise.

Check and secure marketability

Food supplements and foods for special medical purposes (FSMP) are subject to a wide range of laws and regulations. We stay on top of matters, verify the marketability of product formulations and ingredients, and advise manufacturers when it comes to borderline issues. We make sure that food supplements meet the regulatory requirements and check their packaging and labelling requirements. If our clients ever face the prospect of regulatory action or challenges from competitors, we are there to stand by them with experience and regulatory expertise.

Supporting health claims

Product claims must be scientifically proven – there are strict requirements for health claims (Regulation EC No. 1924/2006). We research the literature, prepare nutrition science expert reports and coordinate corresponding studies to support and to apply for health claims for your product.

Maintaining and improving formulations

We secure health claims for food supplements

On its clients' behalf, Diapharm develops formulations for new food supplements and enhances existing ones. We always keep our eye on compliance with all regulatory requirements while also considering all the options. On request, we also manage the entire communication process with the responsible authorities. For example during notification procedures for launching food supplements on the market. Or for importing products into Germany that are not immediately marketable for regulatory reasons. We also provide ongoing technical and regulatory expertise to ensure that products keep up with constant regulatory developments.

Audits and Analytics

To ensure product quality, we audit food manufacturers and provide laboratory analysis specially designed for food supplements and related products. Diapharm develops viable solutions to ensure the success of food supplements, dietetic foods and foods for special medicinal purposes.

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