Cosmetics development and support

We manage the development of (medical) cosmetic products – from the initial idea to store shelves – on behalf of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry.

Project management and product development

We support our clients in developing their portfolio strategy and develop creative product ideas, technologies and dosage forms. Throughout the entire process, we keep an eye on the regulatory requirements so that our ideas are not only new, but also marketable. DiapharmKlick, our regularly updated market overview, is the ideal tool for analysing market trends and gathering ideas for new healthcare products.

Our project management ensures that every step of the development process is efficient. At our clients’ request, we are also happy to select appropriate manufacturing partners for their individual projects.

Managing regulatory requirements

We provide support when it comes to the wording of claims and labelling, and we are there to help with all regulatory issues regarding cosmetic products, such as creating product information files (PIFs) and safety reports. We also take on the bureaucratic hurdles, such as the required CPNP notification or communicating with the authorities.

Our interdisciplinary expertise stands out especially when cosmetic products are designed to be “borderline cosmetics” that straddle the regulatory line dividing cosmetics, medicinal products and medical devices.