Consulting for structures & processes

Diapharm supports pharmaceutical companies when it comes to designing GxP and other structures and processes.

In its role as a pharmaceutical consultant, Diapharm supports companies in the industry when it comes to their (self-) assessment on the basis of industry best practices and develops specific courses of action as part of business process optimisation (BPO). Our consultants’ hands-on experience ensures that we always develop pragmatic, professional concepts. With our partner, noventum IT management consulting, we also develop suitable IT solutions for optimised structures and processes. This combination is what makes our management consulting so effective.

Our services include:

  • Analysing and uncovering potential
  • Organisational development
  • Process optimisation
  • Key performance indicator (KPI) systems
  • Change management

Optimising GxP-compliant structures and processes

Top performers: GCP / GDP / GMP consulting
Top performers: GCP / GDP / GMP consulting

An established service provider and consultant for the pharmaceutical industry, we have a wide range of experience and know best practices inside and out. As a result, we are able to assess companies’ strengths and weaknesses within the context of their respective specialised demands (such as GMP, GDP, GCP, etc.). Our GxP consultancy services make an active contribution to optimising organisation, designing processes that are both more transparent and more efficient, improving compliance and reducing costs.

Case studies:

  • Process and interface analysis for the quality management system (regulatory affairs, medical affairs, wholesale, etc.) for the German sales office of globally active manufacturer
  • Cross-site analysis, optimisation and pooling (centre of competence) of quality control for a multinational medicinal product manufacturer
  • Process mapping and analysis of GMP-compliant medicinal product manufacturing for an SME
  • Reorganisation and process harmonisation of R&D and QC laboratories’ activities and interfaces with the aim of establishing an overarching LIMS

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Your partner for pharmaceutical consulting

In all our consultancy services, we attach particular importance to engaging employees and getting them actively involved. A dialogue between partners increases acceptance of long-term change and encourages active participation. We would be more than happy to manage implementation on site.